Where has my life gone??

Sitting at work today thinking about where my life has gone. I’m 24 years old and feel like ive accomplished absolutly nothing in my life so far. Been working dead end jobs for the past few years that have gotten me nowhere. No high school diploma no drivers license (yea i know) and about to lose my job for the second time in the past 2 years. Lost one job each year clearly. Ive lost all my friends since I moved but I guess that was just proof that they weren’t real friends to begin with. I’m a single girl and have been for the past year. I made a huge mistake and I’m paying the price for that one. I starting to question where I am going and if I will ever amount to anything. I don’t get it I like to think I am a nice girl and I have a lot to offer the world but lately it sure doesn’t seem  way. Maybe god has something better for me or maybe thats just a pipe dream that I need to let go off. I have to get out of this slump and get my life on track. I just wonder when that will be. Just trying to figure it all out and you would figure at my age I would have had it figured out but I guess not.. Need to make some moves and changes and stop waiting for life to happen for me. I need to make it for myself. The moral of my rant is life happens everyday and sometimes you get the things that you want and sometimes you don’t but its not going to happen unless you get up and make it happen. Well signing off and going to do something with my life. 



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