Love & Heartbreak

Do you remember your first broken heart? Do you remember your first love? I remember mine like it was yesterday. Being in love is one of the best things in the world and losing that love is one of the worst things in the world. You will always remember the person who made your heart race, the one who put a smile on your face just by saying good morning or just by saying hello. You get the feeling that you never want to lose because when you do it feels like someone just put a knife through your heart and tunred it. When you have plans to move in get married and start a family to not having that any longer hurts like hell. Broken hearts aren’t easily fixed it takes time for it too stop hurting. I never got that It take several months to feel that kind of love the kind of love that you want to last forever. You spend all that time being vulnerable with someone and you spend all that time giving them all of you and it takes half that time time to be able to move on from it. Not only does it take forever to go away but when you see that someone you love, love someone else and start that life that you guys planned together hurts even worse. I was faced with that not to long ago seeing the man I was head over heels madly in love with begin to start his life with someone else. Telling her he loved her and spending time with her and almost starting that family it felt like my heart was breaking all over again, that pain came rushing back and I couldn’t stop the pain from coming or the tears.How do you know if its true love?  You know its true love when someone asks you to imagine your life without this person. When you realize that you can’t and you don’t want to live that life without them. When your heart races from a text message or how your always grinning from ear to ear and the joy in your heart takes over everything else then its real. If anyone out there has that kind of love don’t lose it, hold onto it for dear life. Don’t let an argument or a choice define the relationship. Relationships are hard and they take work but if your not willing to put in that work then don’t make that jump don’t take that risk don’t hurt them or yourself. True love sometimes comes once in a lifetime so take that chance love with all your heart don’t be afraid to love because it the best thing in the world. Not having it is a tragedy.. 



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