Losing people is something im familiar with in my life. Losing friends or family members i know what it feels like to lose someone. All too well actually. When I was 5 I lost my grandfather I didnt know him too well but I saw the pain everyone was going through. When I was 11 I lost my uncle but this loss wasn’t like my grandfather, my uncle was murdered. He was a victim of Sept 11. That loss I remember like it was yesterday, I remember where I was and who I was with and everything from beginning to end. This loss him me hard mainly because I was a secluded child, I spent all my time alone so the memories that everyone else had with him I never did. My fear of being seen and fear of not being accepted had held me back from a lot of things. Thats what hurts the most not knowing what everyone else does not remembering what everyone else does and not having what they do.. When I was 23 I lost my other uncle from cancer and a man who was like my grandfather. A few family friends and some more family. Im not oblivious to the fact that people die but that pain sucks. Losing my friends or my so called friends was hard too but that’s something I can handle I cant always get new ones but losing someone forever so suddenly is something that cant be replaced. 


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