Foster Care

My biological mother was a heroine addict and used while pregnant with me. I tested positive after birth and was hospitalized for two week. I was removed from her custody and placed in a foster home. A wife husband 2 biological sons and another foster child. I know this because I’ve been told this story a million times. My foster parents had fostered about 5 children all together. Not at the same time. I was with them for about 4 years before my adoption was finalized by the courts. So my foster parents became my adoptive parents. I have to say im very fortunate to have been given the opportunity that I was. They chose me and I chose them. I couldn’t ask for a better parents then them. It doesn’t always work out like this for other children though. Their are over 400,000 children in foster care and probably more who have aged out or have been given the chance to be adopted. Now I have to say that its way to many children in the system. All these children need are people to believe in them, someone who is going to be there everyday, someone is going to remind them that world isn’t as screwed up as they think. These children deserve a chance at a life a chance to be somebody. They figure whats the point in trying if this is how it goes. The younger kids have that fear in their eyes and just want a place to call home. A chance to make friends and be a child. This kids shouldn’t have to worry about being abused or neglected or wondering if they are going to eat tonight. They need to be playing outside carefree making friends memories a life they can be proud of. Im not saying that they need to be rocked and coddled but they could use a hug. Someone to hold on their hearts and never let go. I hope to one day foster a child or a few children. Become stef n Lena from the fosters. Maybe even adopt like my mom did. I also hope to become a social worker, to fight for them to be there to show then im not like everyone else I do care. 


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